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  • I know, I’m flakey
    I’m fully aware that I promised to write loads last time I put my stubby little fingers to the keyboard and that hasn’t happened. My problem is when I’m motivated I plan so much and then all motivation falls off the cliff the plans go with it. But I’m here now and better late than … Read More
  • Too many words.
    I’ve been trying to write a blog post for weeks. Every time I start, I hate what I’ve written and delete the whole thing. Nothing feels natural, my words don’t flow like they should. If you’re following me on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/wellswellsandwells/?hl=en you’ll know I’ve been working a little with text from newspapers. Cutting out words … Read More
  • A bit different but mostly the same.
    As you can see I’ve made a little change. It’s probably quite a big change but right now it feels slight. I’ve not renewed the website and instead I’m gonna embark on blogging more frequently. Yes, you’re right in thinking that I pledge to write more every time I pull my finger out and do … Read More

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