About me


I’m Rachael, i’m an autistic artist from east/south east England. I studied Art and Design as a mature student a few years ago but since leaving college I haven’t moved forwards as much as I’d like. That’s down to a mixture of the routine that motherhood brings, fear, lack of direction and motivation. I want to focus more on developing my practice and enjoying all aspects of art and learning again. I’ve moved from a website which I was having trouble maintaining to this blog. I want to share my thoughts and opinions in a space specifically designed for it. You can expect to see blogs on mainly art (obviously) and my work, life stuff including ASD (autism spectrum disorder), mental health and parenting.

I’ve shared my diagnosis because it informs my work. I find comfort and pleasure in order and repetition. There are small forms of order all around, they are what I’m drawn to and notice. Lines are my favourite, from shadows to windows and bricks they bring me joy and a sense of calm.

This is part of an eroded wall at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.

I find texture visually stimulating, tree bark or the erosion of stone buildings. I’m forever taking photos of interesting patterns and surfaces that catch my eye. I can struggle with excessive structure though and rules either self imposed or given by others. They can lead to demand avoidance. I can be impatient and impulsive, that’s why I like to work quickly and intuitively. This can be seen in my line drawings and photography based abstract digital art.

This is an example of my photography based abstract art.

Learning and researching are two of my most favourite things, i’ll be sharing them here along with anything else I find interesting. I’m planning on sharing some of my journal work and maybe even some writing if I feel inspired. I’m excited.

I’m still selling my art so if you see something (on my social media) you’d like to buy as a print or if you’d like to commission something , you can send me an email to discuss and order.