I know, I’m flakey

I’m fully aware that I promised to write loads last time I put my stubby little fingers to the keyboard and that hasn’t happened.

My problem is when I’m motivated I plan so much and then all motivation falls off the cliff the plans go with it. But I’m here now and better late than never, right? To be honest, since lockdown 1 I’ve had trouble feeling like my words are coherent. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a bit disconnected from their brain. There’s been changes here, I started uni in September/October. I’m doing contemporary art practice which sounds fancier than it actually is. The course is quite fun but obliviously doing an art degree at home doesn’t really work and its frustrating not being able to use the facilities but hopefully soon we’ll get to touch things. Goose is mostly the same, looking more like a teenager everyday. Theres a new sofa, new book shelves coming and theres plants everywhere.

I’m here if you wanted, http://www.instagram.com/wellswellsandwells/

There will be another post really soon, like tomorrow soon because I have something else to share but it needs a bit more space.

ok, bye.

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