A bit different but mostly the same.

Blonde girl standing on a rock in a stream.

As you can see I’ve made a little change. It’s probably quite a big change but right now it feels slight. I’ve not renewed the website and instead I’m gonna embark on blogging more frequently. Yes, you’re right in thinking that I pledge to write more every time I pull my finger out and do some. This time will be different (yes, you’ve probably heard that before as well) The truth is I have drifted away from things that excite me. I love learning and thinking, developing ideas and the discussions that lead to them. I guess I got lazy, comfortable and that grew into anxiety. There are so many voices trying to b e heard, so many people talking about their experiences and lives that me waffling on didn’t feel important. But it’s important,for me,my progression as a person and as an artist. It’s important that I step into where i’m going. Right now i’m feeling nervous but ready to be brave. Rachael x

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